MANFACE / Thom Watson / Me

Back in April 2011, there really weren’t many blogs around dedicated purely to men’s beauty, grooming and skincare and those that were around were devoted mainly to ‘for men’ branded products and those marketed specifically to male-folk. MANFACE was created to share my experiences, tips, tricks and favourite products; whilst dispelling myths and arming readers (both men and women) to make their own great choices on their trips to the beauty hall. MANFACE has gone on to become the UK's highest ranking men's grooming and beauty blog.

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SEO and infrastructure

With almost 1,000 published articles, a good site infrastructure has been key to the site's success; allowing readers to find the exact information they want quickly and simply - I've found that a largely male demographic isn't willing to spend the time reading through the blogroll; they want the information then and there. Every post is comprehensively categorised with information at each category base and as a tip, Google loves this!

Mobility and mobile experience

As with many blogs, mobile readership to the site has increased dramatically since its launch 5 years ago. A lot of the site's formatting and content actually changes depending on the device MANFACE is being viewed on in order to allow for a truly optimal mobile user experience.