British Beauty Blogger / Jane Cunningham

Jane is one of the UK's biggest and longest standing beauty bloggers. Stocksbank and Jane have been working together for the last 3 years to increase stats, continually develop the site to incorporate the latest web trends and practices, and develop continuous SEO strategy. This summer, through a 4 week, high impact SEO strategy and site infrastructural overhaul, traffic to the site was increased by 20%. See more here.

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Designing for the user

Often, when it comes to blog design, they're designed around the author's own preferences and their likes, tastes and personality. Whilst this is massively important, a blog should always be aimed at the intended user and the user experience; keeping them engaged and coming back for more. With British Beaeauty Blogger, the emphasis has been placed on usability and readability, removing any unecessary clutter so the reader can get straight to the good stuff.

Blogging and mobile

Through analytics research, we knew that the majority of the readers of British Beauty Blogger use their mobile device to interact with the site, therefore the introduction of mobile viewable advertising and other mobile-specific, interactive features have been introduced in order to capitalise on the site's space. An app is also in development and will soon be available for both iOS and Android devices, delivering posts and updates straight to the reader's smartphone.

Testimonial: Jane Cunningham, British Beauty Blogger

"Thom's work on increasing my stats and maintaining my site is exemplary - he's always up to date with the latest technical changes and implements them quickly. Thom is also highly creative and has changed my site design several times to optimse SEO and give readers the ideal user layout. I'd highly recommend Thom; as a blogger himself he has the insight and understanding when changes or amendments need to happen quickly and efficiently."